Improved Layout: Partitioning the Main Reading Room  

We divided the room up for a better delineation between the lively, boisterous area for socialization and the calmer, more serene section for studying and work, along with a new, relocated Reference Desk.

  • Our library has evolved quite a bit over the years. We've seen it become more and more of a community center while also remaing a place for quiet study and reading. Unfortunately, with the way the library was designed years ago these two functions often don't coexist very well. By partitioning our Main Reading Room, we're able to happily serve both functions.
  • The project incorporated an architecturally-sensitive glass partition wall between the front and back of the Main Reading Room, with a new reference desk in the middle, with  access between the two spaces through two ADA-compliant doors.
  •  The front area of the Main Reading Room is a more vibrant with room to socialize and interact with our librarians.
  • The back area of the Main Reading Room remains a space with tables and seating as a calmer space for study, browsing, and reading.

Emma S. Clark Memorial Library

We thank you for your patience during this time of improvement.

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