Phase 3 (cafe space) construction is just about finished.   

Adding a small café area for a quick drink or snack.

- We've selected a food & beverage vendor from a pool of candidates to operate the Library’s new café, slated to open later this summer: Level Up Kitchen a local business currently operating out of the Flowerfield complex in St. James. It's owned by Three Village native and chef Chelsea Gomez. Ms. Gomez has her degree in Culinary Arts and was Executive Chef at Pentimento Restaurant. She is fully invested in the community - she grew up in Setauket and is currently raising her young family here. - more information.
Architect's rendering of the space
Chelsea Gomez and Library Director Ted Gutmann

(Note: furniture and finishes are included in the renderings for scale and context only, and do not reflect actual finished products or placement)


  • The café will be a small area to grab a drink or snack (it will be located where the reference desk is currently located). This is a community space, and a coffee/tea area is a common feature of today's libraries. People often spend a lot of time here. If a patron wants to take a break from studying while remaining in the library, we want to abe able to accomodate that. It will not be a restaurant.
  • There will be comfortable seating and tables that will be easy to clean and sanitize.       
  •  We anticipate that we'll have several options regarding food choices, keeping dietary restrictions in mind.

Emma S. Clark Memorial Library

We thank you for your patience during this time of improvement.

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