Phase 3 (cafe space) construction is just about finished. 
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Outdoor terrace - Our outdoor terrace is now open for the season!  Read a book, magazine, or newspaper outside on the terrace for plein air reading pleasure. The terrace includes built-in power outlets to allow for laptop usage or mobile device charging, along with connectivity to the Library's WiFi network. It is accessible for all – ADA compliant and wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs.

image of completed terrace


Improved interior layout - We reimagined the flow of our Main Reading Room for better delineation between the lively, boisterous area for socialization and the calmer, more serene section for studying and work..

image of completed interior partition



Work is currently in progress

Adding a small café to grab a drink or a bite to eat while you're here.

View of library interior

John Cunniffe

John Cunniffe is a local Stony Brook architect who has experience in preserving historical accuracy. He has done numerous projects for Three Village organizations, such as the Three Village Community Trust, Three Village Historical Society, the Setauket Neighborhood House, Frank Melville Memorial Park, and The Long Island Museum.

Urban Village Contracting, Inc.

Urban Village Contracting, Inc., the low-bid contractor, is a 3V-resident-owned local company with over 30 years of experience.

Emma S. Clark Memorial Library

We thank you for your patience during this time of improvement.

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